Essays in Mathematical Economics in Honor of Oskar Morgenstern

Martin Shubik
Princeton University Press | 1967 | ISBN: 9780691041254

(Editor)  This volume of twenty-seven essays by thirty authors is an impressive testimonial to the pervasive influence Professor Morgenstern has had in virtually all areas of mathematical economics. The essays are grouped into seven main areas: (1) “Game Theory,” with contributions by aumann, Kuhn, Davis, Maschler, Peleg, Shapley, and Shubik; (2) “Mathematical Programming,” by Noble, Thompson, and Tornquist; (3) “Decision Theory,” by Mayberry, Mills, Miyasawa, and Orr; (4) “Economic Theory,” by Baumol, Borch, Menger, Peston, and Pfanzagl; (5) “Management Science,” by Stern and Whitin; (6) “International Trade,” by Koo and Marcus; and (7) “Econometrics,” by Afriat, Godfrey, Karreman, Granger, Hatanaka, Suzuki, and Mizutani.