Commission Discussion Papers, Economics


Econ 2084

Leo Törnqvist, “Decision-making in a Non-neutral World” (July 8, 1953) [7pp]

Econ 2085

Hendrik S. Houthakker, “Aggregative Activity Analysis” (July 15, 1953) [10pp]

Econ 2086

Marc Nerlove, “Optimal Routings of Empty Boxcars, 1940–1950” (September 8, 1953) [40pp]

Econ 2087

Martin J. Beckmann, Tjalling C. Koopmans, C. Bartlett McGuire, and Christopher B. Winsten, “The Allocation of Switching Work in a System of Classification Yards (Abstract)” (October 27, 1953) [2pp]

Econ 2088

Arnold C. Harberger, “On the Estimation of Economic Parameters” (October 29, 1953) [59pp]

Econ 2089

Hendrik S. Houthakker, “Commodity Futures I: Static Theory” (November 2, 1953) [19pp]

Econ 2090

Hendrik S. Houthakker and Lester G. Telser, “Commodity Futures II: Gains and Losses of Hedgers and Futures-Speculators” (December 7, 1953) [20pp]

Econ 2091

Hendrik S. Houthakker and Lester G. Telser, “Commodity Futures III: Some Empirical Results on Hedgers’ Behavior” (December 15, 1953) [12pp]

Econ 2092

Martin J. Beckmann, “The Generalized (Weak) Le Chatelier Principle in Linear Activity Analysis” (December 9, 1953) [4pp]

Econ 2093

Jacob Marschak and Roy Radner, “The Firm as a Team” (Outline)” (December 29, 1953; February 17, 1954) [15pp]

Econ 2094

Christopher B. Winsten, “The Classification of Railway Cars: A Probability Approach” (December 17, 1953) [12pp]

Econ 2095

Martin J. Beckmann, “On a Variational Problem in Non-static Linear Activity Analysis” (January 13, 1954) [14pp]

Econ 2096

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Scheduling on a Single Railway Line so as to Minimize Accumulation Delay” (January 21, 1954) [11pp]

Econ 2097

Jacob Marschak, “Mathematical Models and Experiments on Decision Making” (February 15, 1954) [18pp]

Econ 2098

Roy Radner and Allen L. Tritter, “Communication in Networks” (March 24, 1954) [9pp]

Econ 2099

Martin J. Beckmann and Thomas Marschak, “On the Theory of Location in the Short Run” (March 23, 1954) [29pp]

Econ 2100

Leo Törnqvist, “A Model for Stochastic Decision Making” (March 29, 1954) [5pp]

Econ 2101

Martin J. Beckmann, “On the Optimal Path of Expansion of a Firm” (April 21, 1954) [4pp]

Econ 2102

Donald Bratton, “Efficient Communication Networks” (April 29, 1954) [13pp]

Econ 2103

H. G. Landau, “Distribution of Completion Times for Random Communication in a Task-oriented Group” (May 7, 1954) [21pp]

Econ 2104

Lester G. Telser, “Safety First, Short Hedging and the Commodity” (May 19, 1954) [18pp]

Econ 2105

Jacques Dréze, “Can We Measure Marginal Utility by Observing Choices among Uncertain Prospects?” (June 16, 1954) [11pp]

Econ 2106

Jacob Marschak, “Scaling of Utilities and Probabilities” (June 22, 1954) [19pp]

Econ 2107

Lester G. Telser, “Application of Safety First to Hedging” (June 29, 1954) [12pp]

Econ 2108

Masao Fukuoka, “A Note on Convergence in Linear Programming Problems” (July 14, 1954) [12pp]

Econ 2109

Leonid Hurwicz, “Programming in General Spaces” (July 29, 1954) [100pp]

Econ 2110

Leonid Hurwicz, “Non-negative Lagrangean Saddle-points without Assumption of Differentiability” (September 15, 1954) [27pp]

Econ 2111

Jacob Marschak, “Elements for a Theory of Teams” (October 5, 1954) [17pp]

Econ 2112

Leonid Hurwicz, “Decentralized Resource Allocation” (May 3, 1954) [73pp]

Econ 2113

Gerhard Tintner, “Stochastic Linear Programming” (October 18, 1954) [1p]

Econ 2114

Roy Radner, “The Linear Team: An Example of Linear Programming under Uncertainty” (November 2, 1954) [16pp]

Econ 2115

Martin J. Beckmann, “On the Communications Problem in Airline Reservations” (November 30, 1954) [6pp]

Econ 2116

Martin J. Beckmann and Richard F. Muth, “On the Solution to the ‘Fundamental Equation’ of Inventory Theory” (December 8, 1954) [18pp]

Econ 2117

Donald Bratton, “Efficient Communication Networks: The Case of Two-way Links” (February 6, 1955) [7pp]

Econ 2118

Martin J. Bailey and Martin J. Beckmann, “Two Notes on the Le Chatelier Principle in Linear Programming: 1) Comparative Statics in Linear Programming and the Giffen Paradox and 2) A Generalized Comparative Statics in Linear Programming” (February 18, 1955) [13pp]

Econ 2119

Donald Bratton, “Efficient Communication Networks” (February 23, 1955) [34pp]

Econ 2120

Donald Bratton, “On the Inventory Problem of Beckmann and Muth (Econ 2116)” (March 17, 1955) [8pp]

Econ 2121

Richard F. Muth, “An Analysis of the Demand for Some Machine Repair Parts” (May 25, 1955) [8pp]

Econ 2122

Martin J. Beckmann and Francis A. Bobkoski, “Some Aspects of the Airline Reservations Problem” (June 9, 1955) [45pp]

Econ 2123

Martin J. Beckmann and Richard F. Muth, “An Inventory Policy for a Case of Lagged Delivery” (June 16, 1955) [24pp]

Econ 2124

Hendrik S. Houthakker, “Commodity Futures IV: An Empirical Test of the Theory of Normal Backwardation” (June 22, 1955) [24pp]