Commission Discussion Papers, Economics


Econ 2038A

Franco Modigliani and Franz Hohn, “Appendix to Econ 2038: Solution of Certain Problems of Production Planning over Time Illustrating the Effect of the Inventory Constraint” (1952) [21pp]

Econ 2039

I. N. Herstein and John Milnor, “An Axiomatic Approach to Measurable Utility” (April 3, 1952) [10pp]

Econ 2040

Gerard Debreu, “Real Representation of a Preference Ordering” (April 17, 1952) [6pp]

Econ 2041

Martin J. Beckmann, “Note on Marschak’s Econ 2034, ‘Organized Decision-making’” (April 7, 1952) [8pp]

Econ 2042

François Morin, “Note on an Inventory Problem Discussed by Modigliani and Hohn (Econ 2038A)” (May 27, 1952) [6pp]

Econ 2043

Hendrik S. Houthakker, “The Aggregate Allocation of Land and Labor” (June 2, 1952) [8pp]

Econ 2044

Martin J. Beckmann, “The Problem of the Musical Chairs and an Equivalent 2-person Game” (June 6, 1952) [12pp]

Econ 2044A

Martin J. Beckmann, “The Problem of Optimal Assignment of Locations and an Equivalent 2-person Game” (June 26, 1952) [15pp]

Econ 2045

Hendrieke Goris, “An Investigation into Some Price-determining Factors in American Leaf Tobacco Markets” (June 11, 1952) [43pp]

Econ 2046

François Morin, “Linear Activity Analysis and International Trade” (June 16, 1952) [16pp]

Econ 2047

Kirk Fox, “Economical Routing of Empty Railroad Freight Cars” (July 1, 1952) [22pp]

Econ 2048

C. Bartlett McGuire, “Highway Capacity and Traffic Congestion: A Preliminary Study” (July 23, 1952) [22pp]

Econ 2049

Martin J. Beckmann and C. Bartlett McGuire, “Efficient Transportation in Networks” (August 5, 1952) [36pp, no p. 17]

Econ 2049A

Martin J. Beckmann, “Efficient Transportation in Networks” (November 7, 1952) [44pp]

Econ 2049B

Martin J. Beckmann, “Efficient Transportation in Networks (continued)” (April 27, 1952) [22pp]

Econ 2050

Hendrik S. Houthakker, “Stocks and Spreads in Futures Markets” (August 25, 1952) [8pp]

Econ 2051

Jacob Marschak, “Basic Problems in the Economics Theory of Teams” (December 10, 1952) [55pp]

Econ 2052

Jacob Marschak, “The Conference Problem” (1952) [No copy exists]

Econ 2053

Martin J. Beckmann and Tjalling C. Koopmans, “A Note on the Optimal Assignment Problem” (October 30, 1952) [12pp]

Econ 2054

Martin J. Beckmann, “A Lagrangean Multiplier Rule in Linear Activity Analysis and Some of its Applications” (November 5, 1952) [20pp]

Econ 2055

Clifford Hildreth and Frank G. Jarrett, “A Statistical Study of Livestock Production and Marketing” (1952) [No copy exists]

Econ 2056

Leo Törnqvist, “Some Game Theoretic Points of View on Scientific Research” (November 17, 1952) [14pp]

Econ 2057

Herbert A. Simon, “Notes on Two Approaches to the Production Rate Problem” (November 19, 1952) [9pp]

Econ 2058

Martin J. Beckmann, “On Marschak’s Model of an Arbitrage Firm” (November 21, 1952) [8pp]

Econ 2059

Karl O. Faxén, “Incentive Functions and the Arbitrage Firm” (September 1, 1952) [8pp]

Econ 2060

Leo Törnqvist, “A Theory for the Value of a Message and Systems for Codifying Possible Messages” (December 11, 1952) [5pp]

Econ 2061

Stephen G. Allen, “Inventory Fluctuations in Flaxseed and Linseed Oil, 1926-1939” (December 19, 1952) [25pp] [See CFP 86]

Econ 2062

Leo Törnqvist, “The Problem of Finding Optimal Decisions” (December 15, 1952) [4pp]

Econ 2063

Clifford Hildreth, “Ethical Criteria for Group Choice: A Preliminary Formulation” (December 15, 1952) [11pp]

Econ 2064

Roy Radner, “On Optimal Communication Rules for Certain Types of Teams” (January 8, 1953) [14pp]

Econ 2065

Takuma Yasui, “Non-linear Self-excited Oscillations and Business Cycles” (January 15, 1953) [20pp]

Econ 2066

Martin J. Beckmann, “A Note on the Theory of Forward Markets” (January 27, 1953) [13pp]

Econ 2067

Gerard Debreu, “Linear Spaces and Classical Economics” (January 29, 1953) [14pp]

Econ 2068

J. Kiefer and S. Orey, “On the Arbitrage Problem” (February 23, 1953) [10pp]

Econ 2069

Ray Radner and Jacob Marschak, “Note on Some Proposed Decision Criteria” (March 4, 1953) [12pp]

Econ 2070

Leonid Hurwicz, “Decentralized Resource Allocations: Introduction” (March 12, 1953) [21pp]

Econ 2070A

Leonid Hurwicz, “Decentralized Resource Allocations: Chapter I” (1953) [23pp]

Econ 2071

Martin J. Beckmann and Tjalling C. Koopmans, “On Some Assignment Problems (Abstract)” (April 2, 1953) [5pp]

Econ 2072

Christopher B. Winsten, “Some Models of Traffic Congestion” (April 1, 1953) [16pp]

Econ 2073

Christopher B. Winsten, “The Mean Delay at a Traffic Intersection” (May 6, 1953) [13pp]

Econ 2074

Leo Törnqvist, “The Best Can Be an Enemy of the Good” (1953) [11pp]

Econ 2075

Donald Bratton, “The Arbitrage Problem Where Each Partner Can Find Himself in One of Two Situations and Can Perform One of Two Actions” (May 13, 1953) [18pp]

Econ 2076

Jacob Marschak and Roy Radner, “Structural and Operational Communication Problems in Teams, I” (May 13, 1953) [34pp]

Econ 2077

Roy Radner, “Structural and Operational Communication Problems in Teams, II” (May 13, 1953) [25pp]

Econ 2078

Leo Törnqvist and Jacob Marschak, “Conditions under Which Communication Is Superfluous” (May 14, 1953) [5pp]

Econ 2079

Gerard Debreu, “The Continuity of Multi-valued Functions in Economics” (May 20, 1953) [6pp]

Econ 2080

Leo Törnqvist, “Introduction to a Study of Decision-making” (1953) [22pp]

Econ 2081

Leo Törnqvist, “The Problem of Constructing Indicators of Goodness” (June 1, 1953) [16pp]

Econ 2082

Kenneth J. Arrow and Gerard Debreu, “Existence of an Equilibrium for a Competitive Economy” (1953) [48pp] [See CFP 87]

Econ 2083

Gerard Debreu, “Representation of a Preference Ordering by a Numerical Function” (May 25, 1953) [8pp]