Commission Discussion Papers, Economics


Econ 288

Herbert A. Simon, “An Exploration into the Use of Servomechanism Theory in the Study of Production Control” (August 17, 1950) [31pp]

Econ 289

Carl F. Christ, “Notes on Aggregate Models Based on Time Series” (September 5, 1950) [5pp]

Econ 290

Carl F. Christ, “A Note on Models and Clearing of the Market” (September 5, 1950) [10pp]

Econ 291

Don Patinkin, “The Invalidity of Classical Monetary Theory: Summary” (October 2, 1950) [20pp]

Econ 292

Karl Brunner, “Inconsistency and Indeterminacy in Classical Economics” (October 11, 1950) [35pp]

Econ 293

Martin J. Beckmann, “A Formal Approach to Localization Theory” (October 20, 1950) [11pp]

Econ 294

Harry M. Markowitz, “Investment Company Behavior Equations” (November 1950) [7pp]

Econ 295

Harry M. Markowitz, “On the Certainty Equivalence and Risk Discount Hypotheses” (November 10, 1950) [16pp]

Econ 296

Kenneth J. Arrow, Leonid Hurwicz, and James G. C. Templeton, “A Gradient Method For the Lagrangian Problem” [Includes Econ 296A: Appendix I and II)” (November 15, 1950) [20pp]

Econ 297

Gerard Debreu, “The Coefficient of Resource-utilization” (November 20, 1950) [20pp]

Econ 298

Kenneth J. Arrow, “Alternative Approaches to the Theory of Choice in Risk-taking Situations” (November 30, 1950) [52pp] [See CFP 51]

Econ 299

Gerard Debreu, “Quantitative Description of Technological Change (Abstract)” (December 8, 1950) [5pp]

Econ 2001

Martin J. Beckmann, “Risky Assets and Optimal Tax Policy” (October 24, 1951) [9pp]

Econ 2002

Clifford Hildreth, “Measurable Utility and Social Welfare” [Includes Econ 2002A: “Supplement”] (December 14, 1950 & January 25, 1951) [12pp]

Econ 2003

Jacob Marschak, “A Note on Markowitz’s Theory of Investment Companies” (January 2, 1951) [3pp]

Econ 2004

Gerard Debreu, “Resource Allocation and Statistical Decision Functions” (January 24, 1951) [6pp]

Econ 2005

Harry M. Markowitz, “Statistical Problems and Computational Programs Suggested by the Theory of Investment Behavior” (January 23, 1951) [17pp]

Econ 2006

Martin J. Beckmann, “Notes on a Continuous Transportation Model” (February 7, 1951) [8pp]

Econ 2007

Edmond Malinvaud, “Note on a Proposition of Welfare Economics Optimum Amount of Capital in a Stationary Economy” [Includes Econ 2007A: “Supplement”] (February 9 & 27, 1951) [25pp]

Econ 2008

Lawrence R. Klein and Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Objectives of Proposed Project and Comments on Macro-economic Model Construction” (1951) [4pp]

Econ 2009

Gerard Debreu, “Quantitative Description of the Effects of Technological Change on Production Potential” (February 22, 1951) [19pp]

Econ 2010

Harry M. Markowitz, “The Utility of Wealth” (March 6, 1951) [14pp] [See CFP 57]

Econ 2011

Sten Malmquist, “An Investigation of the Demand for a Rational Commodity” (March 12, 1951) [7pp]

Econ 2012

Jacob Marschak, “A Simplification of the Axiomatics of ‘Measurable Utility’” (March 13, 1951) [9pp]

Econ 2013

Martin J. Beckmann, “Concluding Remarks on the Continuous Transportation Model” (March 19, 1951) [14pp]

Econ 2014

Edmond Malinvaud, “Efficient Allocation of Resources and Capital Accumulation” (April 10, 1951) [16pp]

Econ 2015

Jacob Marschak, “Optimal Aggregation of Inventories under Certainty” (March 30, 1951) [4pp]

Econ 2016

John S. Chipman, “The Stability of Systems with Nonnegative Coefficients” [Includes Econ 2016A: “Supplement”] (March 1951 & June 18, 1951) [14pp]

Econ 2017

Leo A. Goodman and Harry M. Markowitz, “Social Welfare Functions Based on Rankings” (June 6, 1951) [12pp] [See CFP 67]

Econ 2018

Jacob Marschak and Roy Radner, “Criteria for Planning under Incomplete Information” (June 13, 1951) [53pp]

Econ 2019

Harry M. Markowitz, “Contributions to the Econometrics of Financial Behavior” (July 12, 1951) [64pp]

Econ 2020

Gerard Debreu, “The Classical Tax-subsidy Problem” (July 19, 1951) [9pp]

Econ 2021

I. N. Herstein, “A Comment of Marschak’s Paper: ‘A Simplification of the Axiomatics of ‘Measurable Utility’ (Econ 2012)” (August 2, 1951) [3pp]

Econ 2022

Martin J. Beckmann, “A Continuous Model of Transportation” (August 13, 1951) [17pp] [See CFP 66]

Econ 2023

Martin J. Beckmann, “Optimum Transportation on Networks” (August 29, 1951) [20pp]

Econ 2024

I. N. Herstein, “An Axiomatic Approach to Measurable Utility” (August 20, 1951) [6pp]

Econ 2025

Jan Tinbergen, “Review of Klein’s Monograph No. 11” (August 20, 1951) [6pp]

Econ 2026

Edmond Malinvaud, “Capital accumulation and Efficient Allocation of Resources” (September 17, 1951) [30pp] [See CFP 71]

Econ 2027

Michael Farrell, “Irreversible Demand Functions” (November 9, 1951) [27pp]

Econ 2028

Clifford Hildreth, “Alternative Conditions For Social Orderings” (January 28, 1952) [23pp] [See CFP 68]

Econ 2029

Jacob Marschak and Daniel Waterman, “On Optimal Communication Rules for Teams” (January 30, 1952) [17pp]

Econ 2030

Hendrik S. Houthakker, “The Shape of Engel Curves (Outline)” (January 17, 1952) [2pp]

Econ 2031

Lawrence R. Klein, “On the Interpretation of Professor Leontief’s System” (January 31, 1952) [5pp] [See CFP 69]

Econ 2032

Gerard Debreu, “An Economic Equilibrium Existence Theorem” (February 11, 1952) [15pp]

Econ 2033

Hendrik S. Houthakker, “The Analysis of Quality Variations in Consumption” (February 15, 1952) [3pp]

Econ 2034

Jacob Marschak, “Organized Decision-making” (February 29, 1952) [15pp]

Econ 2035

Hendrieke Goris, “Tobacco Production and Distribution in the United States” (March 14, 1952) [4pp]

Econ 2036

Hendrik S. Houthakker, “A Proposed Inquiry into Some Markets with Forward Trading” (March 18, 1952) [16pp]

Econ 2037

Karl O. Faxén, “Note on Marschak’s Model of a Arbitrage Firm” (March 19, 1952) [10pp]

Econ 2038

Franco Modigliani, “Some Considerations on the Expectations and Planning Horizon Relevant to Entrepreneurial Decisions” (April 11, 1952) [29pp]