Commission Discussion Papers, Economics


Econ 246

Arnold C. Harberger, “Index Number Problems in the Empirical Determination of Import Demand Functions” (February 16, 1949) [5pp]

Econ 247

Simon, Herbert A. “Invention and Cost Reduction in Technological Change” (1949) [16pp]

Econ 248

Petter Jakob Bjerve, “Some Comments on Ragner Frisch’s Ecocirc-System” (February 4, 1949) [8pp]

Econ 249

Jacob Marschak, “A Remark on Arrow’s ‘Homogeneous System in Mathematical Economics: A Comment (Econ 242)’” (February 17, 1949) [2pp]

Econ 250

Jacob Marschak, “20 Lectures on Income, Employment, and Price Level (Given at the University of Chicago Autumn 1948)” (1949) [63pp]

Econ 251

Don Patinkin, “Mathematical Appendix to ‘Involuntary Unemployment and the Keynesian Supply Function’” (February 24, 1949) [6pp]

Econ 252

Stephen G. Allen, “Inventory Fluctuations in Flaxseed and Linseed Oil” (1949) [15pp]

Econ 253

Jacob Marschak, “Is the Production Function Redundant?” [Includes corrections, Econ 253A, March 30, 1949] (February 28, 1949) [5pp]

Econ 254

Kenneth J. Arrow, “Continuous Monotonic Orderings in Euclidean n-Space” (April 4, 1949) [15pp]

Econ 255

W. W. Cooper, “Theory of the Firm: Some Suggestions For Revision, II” (March 29, 1949) [30pp]

Econ 256

Jacob Marschak, “Some Notes on Aggregation and Cross-section Studies: Discussion Remarks at the Conference on Research in National Income and Wealth, April 1 and 2, 1949” (April 1949) [3pp]

Econ 257

Kenneth J. Arrow, “The Determination of Many-commodity Preference Scales by Two-commodity Comparisons” (April 25, 1949) [18pp] [See CFP 62]

Econ 258

Kenneth J. Arrow, “Social Choice and Individual Values” (1949) [118pp][See Monograph 12, 2nd ed.]

Econ 259

Petter Jakob Bjerve, “Comments on the Question: What Kind of Econometric Research Is Required For Economic Policy?” (1949) [17pp]

Econ 260

Clifford Hildreth, “Problems in the Estimation of Agricultural Production Functions” (1949) [8pp]

Econ 261

Kenneth J. Arrow, “On the Samuelson Theorem for Leontief Models” (May 25, 1949) [4pp]

Econ 262

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “A Mathematical Model of Production” (May 11, 1949) [32pp]

Econ 262A

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Errata to ‘A Mathematical Model of Production’” (1949) [2pp]

Econ 262B

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “A Mathematical Model of Production (continued)” (August 1, 1949) [18pp]

Econ 262C

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “A Mathematical Model of Production (final installment)” (September 27, 1949) [24pp]

Econ 263

Arnold C. Harberger, “Models of International Trade the the Effects of Depreciation” (1949) [14pp]

Econ 264

Tjalling C. Koopmans and Stanley Reiter, “Allocations of Resources in Production, I” (1949) [91pp, missing 59-60]

Econ 264A

Tjalling C. Koopmans and Stanley Reiter, “Allocations of Resources in Production. II. Application to Transportation” (1949) [39pp]

Econ 265

Jacob Marschak, “Prospects, Strategies, Assets” (1949) [61pp]

Econ 266

Jacob Marschak, “20 Lectures on Introduction to Econometrics (Given at the University of Chicago Spring, 1949)” (1949) [48pp]

Econ 267

Arnold C. Harberger, “Empirical Determination of the Elasticity of Demand for Imports” (July 20, 1949) [31pp]

Econ 268

Murray Gerstenhaber, “Some Elementary Properties of Convex Polyhedral Cones” (August 17, 1949) [10pp]

Econ 269

Carl F. Christ, “A Revised Klein Econometric Model For the United States, 1921–1947” (October 7, 1949) [83pp]

Econ 269A

Carl F. Christ, “Econometric Models: General Concepts and Definitions” (1949) [44pp]

Econ 270

Gerard Debreu, “The Economic Loss Associated with a Non-optimal Situation” (1949) [6pp]

Econ 271

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Efficient Allocation Resources” (1949) [13pp]

Econ 271A

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Efficient Allocation Resources (second version)” (1949) [13pp]

Econ 271B

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Efficient Allocation Resources” (1949) [13pp]

Econ 272

Jacob Marschak, “The Rationale of the Demand for Money and ‘Money Illusion’ (Sections 1-4)” (December 5, 1949) [16pp]

Econ 272A

Jacob Marschak, “The Rationale of the Demand For Money and ‘Money Illusion’: Definitions, Assumptions and Results” (December 1949) [2pp]

Econ 273

Carl N. Klahr, “Economic Controls Based on Technological Data and Information Theory” (1949) [18pp]

Econ 274

Merton Stoltz, “Outline for Some Notes on Stochastic Processes in Economics” (1949) [5pp]

Econ 275

Leonid Hurwicz, “Production under Incomplete Information” (January 4, 1950) [5pp]

Econ 276

Stephen G. Allen, “Inventory Fluctuations in Flaxseed and Linseed Oil, 1926-1939” (1950) [36pp] [See CFP 86]

Econ 277

William C. Hood, “Some Recent Literature on Expectations in Economics” (February 1, 1950) [19pp]

Econ 278

Harry M. Markowitz, “Towards a Theory of Financial Behavior” (includes Errata)” (May 8, 1950) [15pp]

Econ 279

George H. Borts, “Production Relations in the Railroad Industry” (February 7, 1950) [19pp]

Econ 280

Stanley Reiter, “A Note on Additivity in Linear Programming Models” (April 14, 1950) [11pp]

Econ 281

Herbert A. Simon, “Administrative Aspects of Allocative Efficiency” (April 25, 1950) [3pp]

Econ 282

Karl Brunner, “Inconsistency and Indeterminacy in Classical Economics” (May 10, 1950) [33pp]

Econ 283

Jacob Marschak, “Demand For Money and Goods in a Riskless Economy with Pure Exchange” (May 24, 1950) [3pp]

Econ 284

Gerard Debreu, “The Coefficient of Resource-utilization” (May 29, 1950) [4pp]

Econ 285

Jacob Marschak, “Amoroso’s Theory of Interest” (June 6, 1950) [2pp]

Econ 286

Herbert A. Simon, “A Formal Theory of the Employment Relationship” (June 22, 1950) [15pp] [See CFP 47B]

Econ 287

Herbert A. Simon, “A Comparison of Organization Theories” (July 19, 1950) [14pp] [See CFP 47A]