Costas Arkolakis Receives Bodossaki Award

Costas Arkolakis

Costas ArkolakisHenry Kohn Associate Professor of Economics, received the 2017 Bodossaki Foundation Distinguished Young Scientists Award for social-economic sciences.

The prize is awarded by the Bodossaki Foundation to distinguished scholars of Greek nationality or decent, and who are under the age of 45. According to the organization, “these prizes aim to support the creative work of young Greek scientists and to reward their commitment and effort to the advancement of science as well as to contribute to the promotion of exemplar role models for the society.”

This is the first year the prize has been awarded since 2008 due to the economic crisis in Greece. When the Bodossaki Foundation resumed the prize last fall, there appeared to be a renewed interest which was evident in the uptick in submissions. 

“This programme attracted a large number of brilliant candidates making the selection of the prizewinner a particularly difficult task for the Screening Committees,” said Bodossaki Foundation President, Dimitris Vlastos. “Given the strong competition between scientists of the highest level in this field, we believe that Dr. Arkolakis’ distinction is particularly honouring.”

The selection of the prizewinners are based on their exceptional achievements in the respective field by a nine-member selection committee of ​specialists. The committee then makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees who ultimately select the prizewinners. This year’s winners receive a 10,000 EUR prize, and are invited to attend a ceremony in Athens at the beginning of June, where the prizes will be delivered by President of Greece, Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

Arkolakis continues the tradition by joining three past Yale economics faculty award winners: John Geanakoplos (1993), Costas J. Meghir (1996), and Pinelopi D. Koujianou-Goldberg (2003). A member of the department since 2007, Arkolakis research and teaching specializes in general equilibrium trade theory, spatial economics, and macroeconomics. 

For an in-depth interview with Costas, see the Yale News article profiling Costas and his research: Economist Costas Arkolakis Prizes Cross-disciplinary Approach