Herbert Scarf Summer Research Opportunities

02/12/2016Herb Scarf Model

The Herb Scarf Summer Research Opportunities in Economics is a program designed to give Yale undergraduate students a chance to work directly with faculty members involved in ongoing research through practical experience (more information and project listings can be found on the Herbert Scarf Summer Research Opportunities page).  Participating students will work 160 hours (flexible) from June 1 to August 1, 2016, with the students’ work schedules being arranged with the professors at the onset of the program.  Students selected for a project will be expected to be in New Haven during the agreed upon work schedule in order to take full advantage of the program.  Participants will be paid $3,000.

Interested students should submit a curriculum vita (or resume), an application form, and a brief cover letter explaining research interest in a project to the relevant professor via email, with a copy to Prof. Samuel Kortum (Director of Undergraduate Studies in Economics) and Qazi Azam (Undergraduate Registrar in the Department of Economics). Students may apply up to four projects, but awarded applicants will only be able to accept and participate in one project.

Professors will begin choosing Herb Scarf research assistant’s for their projects after February 12, 2016. Students may still apply for remaining positions through February 19, 2016.

The program is supported by the Cowles Foundation, the James Tobin Fund for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (which was created by friends and former students to honor Tobin’s lifelong devotion to undergraduate education), Paul Joskow ‘72 PhD, and the Yale School of Management.