I was scheduled to travel in support of my sponsored project. However, the travel has been cancelled. Are the cancellation fees or non-refundable expenses associated with cancelled travel allowable expenses on my grant?

The answer to this question is complicated.

The NIH states that non-refundable costs associated with grant-related travel that has been cancelled due to COVID-19 related complications may be charged to the NIH award if the costs would have otherwise been allowable. See NIH GPS 7.9.1  for detailed information on the allowability of travel expenses and the Yale travel policy.

If credit/vouchers have been granted for any of the travel expenses affected by the COVID-19 situation, you are required to use the credit/vouchers and may not request additional funding from the sponsor to support travel if it is rescheduled in the future.   If the credit/vouchers are not used for travel related to the original project, the costs should be reimbursed to the original project.

Institutions must document that costs charged to a grant are non-refundable and maintain documentation, in accordance with record retention requirements, and make them available to NIH upon request.

Because each situation is unique, please submit all travel related questions to researchadmin@yale.edu.

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