What should I do if I suspect fradulent activity or identity theft?

In the last year, several incidents of fraud schemes targeting members of the Yale community were reported to the Yale University Police Department.  These scams primarily targeted international faculty and students. The scams are similar in that the suspect calls claiming to be a law enforcement officer and tells the victim that they owe taxes, most often related to student loans.  The victim is threatened with arrest, revocation of educational credentials, deportation, and loss of VISA status. The suspects appear to have some knowledge of the victims and their relationship to the university. The phone numbers used by the suspects are spoofed and appear to be legitimate law enforcement agencies.  The guise of legitimacy is enhanced when the suspects divulge some personal information on the victims, likely obtained through open source searches or social engineering.  In one case the actual name of a high ranking law enforcement official was used.


  • Do not disclose any personal information if contacted by an individual demanding payment for unpaid taxes or loans.
  • Do not provide any payment to these individuals by cash, wire transfer or gift card.
  • If contacted call the Yale Police immediately at 203-432-4400. 
  • You can also report a crime or send an anonymous text tip through our Bulldog Mobile (LiveSafe) app.
    (To register for Bulldog Mobile please visit http://your.yale.edu/community/public-safety/campus-safety-services/bulldog-mobile-livesafe-app)

For more crime prevention and safety tips please visit http://your.yale.edu/community/public-safety/safety-tips

For additional information on scams: