2016 Structural Microeconomics

June 7-8, 2016

Watson Center, 60 Sachem Street, Room A53 [Map]

Organizers:  Steven Berry and Costas Meghir

*Presenter, when more than one author listed

8:30 Breakfast
9:15 Chao Fu and *Jesse Gregory (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Estimation of an Equilibrium Model with Externalities: Combining the Strengths ​of Structural Models and Quasi-Experiments
10:15 Coffee Break 
10:30 Eric Mak (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) and *Aloysius Siow (University of Toronto), “Occupational Choice and Matching in the Labor Market” [slides]
11:30 Coffee Break
11:45 *Nicolas Roys and Christopher Taber (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Skills Prices, Occupations and Changes in the Wage Structure
12:45 Lunch
2:00 Rong Hai* and James Heckman (University of Chicago), “Inequality in Human Capital and Endogenous Credit Constraints
3:00 Coffee Break
3:15 *Rasmus Lentz (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Suphanit Piyapromdee (University College London), and Jean Marc Robin (Sciences-Po), “The Anatomy of the Wage Distribution.  How do Gender and Immigration Matter?
4:15 Issac Sorkin (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and University of Michigan), “Ranking Firms Using Revealed Preference
6:30 Dinner, Union League Café, 1032 Chapel Street [Map]
8:30 Breakfast
9:15 Myrto Kalouptsidi (Princeton University), Paul Scott (Toulouse School of Economics), and *Eduardo Souza-Rodrigues ​(University of Toronto), “Identification of Counterfactuals in Dynamic Discrete Choice Models
10:15 Coffee Break
10:30 *Jaap Abbring (Tilburg University) and Øystein Daljord ​(University of Chicago), “Identifying The Discount Factor In Dynamic Discrete Choice Models
11:30 Coffee Break
11:45 *Adam Kapor, Christopher Neilson ​(Princeton University), and Seth Zimmerman (University of Chicago-Booth), “Heterogeneous Beliefs and School Choice
12:45 Lunch
2:00 Jacob Malone (University of Georgia), Aviv Nevo (Northwestern University), and *Jonathan Williams (University of North Carolina), “The Tragedy of the Last Mile: Congestion Externalities in Broadband Networks
3:00 Break
3:15 Mathias Iaryczower (Princeton University), *Xiaoxia Shi (University of Wisconsin-Madison), and Matthew Shum ​(California Institute of Technology), “Can Words Get in the Way? The Effect of Deliberation in Collective Decision Making
4:15 Frank Wolak (Stanford University), “Designing Minimum-Risk Nonlinear Price Schedules for Water Utilities“ 


Jaap Abbring (Tilburg University)
Nikhil Agarwal (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Victor Aguirregabiria (University of Toronto)
Sumeyra Akin (Yale University)
Joseph Altonji (Yale University)
Noriko Amano (Yale University)
Peter Arcidiacono (Duke University)
Jorge Balat (John Hopkins University)
Panle Jia Barwick (Cornell University)
Vittorio Bassi (Yale University)
Steven Berry (Yale University)
Pedro Carneiro (Cornell University)
Giovanni Compiani (Yale University)
Christopher T. Conlon (Columbia University)
Joseph Cullen (Washington University-St. Louis)
Øystein Daljord (University of Chicago)
Michael Dickstein (New York University)
Ying Fan (University of Michigan)
Jeremy Fox (Rice University)
Chao Fu (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Julia Garlick (Yale University)
Limor Golan (Washington University-St. Louis)
Jesse Gregory (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Ran Gu (University College London)
Rong Hai (University of Chicago)
Phil Haile (Yale University)
Brent Hickman (University of Chicago)
Mitsuru Igami (Yale University)
Przemyslaw Jeziorski (University of California-Berkeley)
Adam Kapor (Princeton University)
John Kennan (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Gizem Kosar (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Amanda Kowalski (Yale University)
Louise Laage (Yale University)

Rasmus Lentz (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Tong Li (Vanderbilt University)
Claudio Lucarelli (Universidad de los Andres)
Lorenzo Magnolfi (Yale University)
Eric Mak (Shanghai University)
Maurizio Mazzocco (University of California-Los Angeles)
Costas Meghir (Yale University)
Robert Miller (Carnegie Mellon University)
Corina Mommaerts (Yale University)
Anders Munk-Nielsen (University of Copenhagen)
Aviv Nevo (Northwestern University)
Yoko Okuyama (Yale University)
Ronni Pavan (University of Rochester)
Suphanit Piyapromdee (University College London)
Ana Reynoso (Yale University)
Nicolas Roys (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
John Rust (Georgetown University)
Marcelo Sant’Anna (Yale University)
Bertel Schjerning (University of Cophenhagen)
Xiaoxia Shi (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Aloysius Siow (University of Toronto)
Isaac Sorkin (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Eduardo Augusto de Souza-Rodrigues (University of Toronto)
Andrew Sweeting (University of Maryland)
Christopher Taber (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Joanne Yu Min Tan (Sciences-Po)
Jeff Thurk (University of Notre Dame)
Yen Tran (Yale University)
Alessandra Voena (University of Chicago)
Yujung Whang (Yale University)
Jonathan Williams (University of North Carolina)
Kevin Williams (Yale University)
Frank Wolak (Stanford University)
Thomas Wollmann (University of Chicago-Booth)

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