A Discussion of Radical Markets

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28 Hillhouse, Room 106
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In debate around the world, markets are blamed for financial instability, stagnant growth, rising inequality and political turmoil. We argue that the critics have it backwards: restrictions on markets, not overreliance on markets, are at the root of the worst of these problems. Progress can only be restored by fundamentally rethinking a range of institutions that limit markets, but that most of us take so for granted that we do not even stop to question them: private property, democracy and the structure of nation states. While now natural, these institutions are hardly two centuries old and were the results of practical compromises made by reformers. Our society has now outgrown these institutions and technology, economics and the political environment have progressed to allow us to finally complete their vision and empower markets to solve the present crisis in the liberal order. In this book we show how. 

Given the ambitious scope of this undertaking, we are inviting scholars from a variety of fields (economics, law, history, political science, etc.) to give us feedback on preliminary drafts of chapters.  This will be a closed-door, intimate discussion for the benefit of the authors and discussants.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Glen Weyl at glen.weyl@yale.edu; we will ask all participants, discussants or not, to have read substantial parts of the book and be prepared to actively participate in discussions to give us feedback.

Conference Schedule 

May 31, 2017

28 Hillhouse Avenue, Room 106