Identification and Estimation of Models with Strategic Interactions

June 15, 2011

Co-sponsored with Journal of Applied Econometrics

8:30 Continental Breakfast
8:50 SESSION 1
  Jean-Pierre Florens (Toulouse School of Economics), “Game Theoretic Models and Inverse Problems”
  Andriy Norets (Princeton University), “Semiparametric Inference in Dynamic Binary Choice Models” (with Xun Tang)
  Aureo de Paula (University of Pennsylvania), “Inference of Signs of Interaction Effects in Simultaneous Games with Incomplete Information” (with Xun Tang)
10:50 Break
11:10 SESSION 2
  Daniel Ackerberg (University of Michigan), “Identification of Time and Risk Preferences in Buy Price Auctions” (with Kei Hirano and Quazi Shahriar) [Slides]
  Han Hong (Stanford University), “On the Asymptotic Distribution of the Transaction Price in a Clock Model of a Multi-Unit, Oral, Ascending-Price Auction with the Common Value Paradigm” (with Harry Paarsch and Pai Xu)
12:30 Lunch
2:00 SESSION 3
  Amit Gandhi (University of Wisconsin), “Nonparametric Testing in Games of Incomplete Information (with Andrés Aradillas-López and Daniel Quint)
  Robert Miller (Carnegie Mellon University), “Identifying and Testing Models of Managerial Compensation” (with George-Levi Gayle)
3:20 Break
3:40 SESSION 4
  Pierre-Andre Chiappori (Columbia University), “Learning from a Piece of Pie” (with Oliver Donni and Ivana Komunjer)
  Dirk Bergemann (Yale University), “Robust Predictions in Games with Incomplete Information” (with Stephen Morris)
5:00 Break
5:20 2011 JAE Annual Keynote Address, Elie Tamer (Northwestern University), “Inference on Market Power in Markets with Multiple Equilibria” (with Coliberto)
7:00 Dinner, Barcelona, 155 Temple Street


Ackerberg, Daniel
Andrews, Donald
Armstrong, Timothy
Bergemann, Dirk
Burda, Martin
Chen, Xiaohong
Cullen, Joseph
de Paula, Aureo
Dong, Gang (Nathan)
Eizenberg, Alon
Fan, Ying
Gandhi, Amit
Gillingham, Kenneth
Graham, Bryan
Hirano, Keisuke
Hong, Han
Jacobsen, Mark
Kastl, Jakub
Khwaja, Ahmed
Kitagawa, Toru
Kitamura, Yuichi
Krasnokutskaya, Elena
Lee, Robin
MacKinnon, James
Magnac, Thierry
Menzel, Konrad
Miller, Robert
Morris,  Stephen
Mueller, Ulrich
Norets, Andriy
Pelenis, Justinas
Pesaran, Hashem
Poirier, Dale J.
Rysman, Marc
Schennach, Susanne
Simoni, Anna
Sudhir, K.
Sweeting, Andrew
Tamer, Elie
van Dijk, Herman
Weeks, Melvyn
Wolpin, Kenneth