Rationality and Conflict

January 16-18, 2009

Organizer: Itzhak Gilboa

12:00 Lunch and Registration
2:05 Robert Powell, “Persistent Fighting to Forestall Adverse Shifts in the Distribution of Power” [Slides]
2:50 Alberto Bisin, “Identity and Integration: The Case of Muslims in the U.K.” (with E. Patacchini, T. Verdier and Y. Zenou)
3:35 Break
4:00 Renee Bowen, “On Dynamic Compromise
4:45 Barry O’Neill, “What Does it Mean to Make an Agreement?”
6:30 Dinner, Bespoke, 266 College Street
8:30 Breakfast
9:30 Sandeep Baliga, “Terrorism and Insurgency” (with T. Sjostrom)
10:15 Jernej Copic, “Rational Expectations and Mistakes”
11:00 Break
11:30 Joan Esteban, “Inequality and Conflict”
12:15 Lunch
2:00 Bahar Leventoglu, “Bargaining and Signaling in International Crises” (with A. Tarar)
2:45 Break
3:15 Daron Acemoglu, “Dynamics and Stability of Constitutions, Coalitions and Clubs” (with G. Egorov and K. Sonin) [Slides]
4:00 Adam Przeworski, “Holding onto Power by Any Means? The Origins of Competitive Elections” (with J. Gandhi)
4:45 Break
5:15 Debraj Ray, “Conflict Initiation”
6:30 Dinner, Ibiza, 39 High Street
8:30 Breakfast
9:30 Kareen Rozen, “Conflict Leads to Cooperation in Nash Bargaining”
10:15 Stergios Skaperdas, “Conflict, Settlement, and the Shadow of the Future” (with M. McBride)
11:00 Break
11:30 Barnislav Slantchev, “Feigning Weakness” [Slides]
12:15 Lunch


Daron Acemoglu, (MIT)
Sandeep Baliga, (Northwestern University)
Alberto Bisin (NYU)
Renee Bowen (Stanford University)
Scott Boorman (Yale University)
Jernej Copic (UCLA)
Joan Esteban (CSIC - Barcelona)
Willemien Kets (Santa Fe & Tilburg Univ)
Humberto Llavador (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Bahar Leventoglu (Duke University)
Sujoy Mukerji (Oxford University)
Barry O’Neill (UCLA)
Gerard Padro (London School of Economics)
Andrew Postlewaite (University of Pennsylvania)
Robert Powell (UCLA - Berkeley)
Adam Przeworski (NYU)
Debraj Ray (NYU)
John Roemer (Yale University)
Kareen Rozen (Yale University)
David Schmeidler (Tel-Aviv University)
Stergios Skaperdas (UC - Irvine)
Branislav Slantchev (UC - San Diego)