Workshop on Cases, Rules, and Probabilities

September 28-30, 2007

Organizer: Itzhak Gilboa

9:00 Breakfast
9:30 Terrance Fine, “Robust Agnostic Comparative Induction”
10:15 Ken Forbus, “Is Probability Rooted in Similarity?”
11:00 Break
11:30 Gabrielle Gayer, “Case-Based vs. Rule-Based Reasoning in Real Estate Pricing
12:15 Lunch
1:45 Marcin Peski, “Prior Symmetry, Categorization, and Similarity–based Reasoning
2:30 Break
3:00 Joshua Tenenbaum, “The Place of Similarity and Rules in a Probabilistic Approach to Induction” Background reading: “Theory–based Bayesian Models of Inductive Reasoning” and “Rules and Similarity in Concept Learning
3:45 Tom Griffith, “Priors and Predictions: Investigating Inductive Biases” Background reading: “Optimal Predictions in Everyday Cognition” and “Iterated Learning: Intergenerational Knowledge Transmission Reveals Inductive Biases
4:30 Break
5:00 Ani Guerdjikova, “Multiple Priors as Similarity-weighted Frequencies
7:00 Dinner
9:00 Breakfast
9:30 John Hartigan, “Probability and Possibility”
10:15 Offer Lieberman, “Asymptotic Theory for Empirical Similarity Models
11:00 Break
11:30 Brad Love, “The Concrete Substrates of Abstract Rule Use” Background papers: “Gounding Relational Learning in Concrete Examples” and “Enhanced Oddball Memory through Differentiation, Not Isolation
12:15 Lunch
1:45 Gary Marcus, “Evolution, Optimality, and the Clumsiness of Human Cognition”
2:30 Break
3:00 John Mikhail, “Universal Moral Grammar: The Mind’s Hidden Rules of Moral Judgment
3:45 Daniel Osherson, “Similarity and Induction”
4:30 Break
5:00 Dedre Gentner, “Learning Abstractions from Experience”
7:00 Dinner
9:00 Breakfast
9:30 David Schmeidler, “Objective Probability and Empirical Similarity
10:15 Teddy Seidenfeld, “Concepts of Independence for Sets of Full Conditional Probability Measures” Background reading: “Coherent Choice Functions under Uncertainty” and “Independence for Full Conditional Measures, Graphoids and Bayesian Networks
11:00 Break
11:30 Steven Sloman, “Causal Reasoning about Our Own Choices”
12:15 Itzhak Gilboa, “Simplicity and Likelihood: An Axiomatic Approach
1:00 Lunch


Antione Billot (IDEAS)
Juergen Eichberger (Heidelberg)
Terrence Fine (Cornell University)
Kenneth Forbus (Northwestern University)
Gabrielle Gayer (University of Haifa)
Tamar Gendler (Yale University)
Tom Griffiths (University of California, Berkeley)
Dedre Gentner (Northwestern University)
Ani Guerdjikova (Cornell University)
John Hartigan (Yale University)
Gil Kalai (Yale University)
Frank Keil (Yale University)
Offer Lieberman (University of Haifa)
Kristi Lockhart (Yale University) 
Brad Love (University of Texas, Austin)
Gary Marcus (New York University)
John Mikhail (Georgetown University)
Andrew Ortony (Northwestern University)
Daniel Osherson (Princeton University)
Marcin Peski (University of Chicago)
Andrew Postlewaite (University of Pennsylvania)
David Schmeidler (Tel Aviv University & OSU)
Teddy Seidenfeld (Carnegie Mellon University)
Steven Sloman (Brown University)
Henry Smith (Yale University)
Scott Weinstein (University of Pennsylvania)