Conference in Honor of William C. Brainard

October 26-27, 2001

1:30 Welcoming Remarks
1:45 SESSION 1: Economic Theory, Investment Behavior, and Financial Markets — Chair: Herbert Scarf
  John Geanakoplos, “General Equilibrium, Bounded Rationality, and the American Mortgage Market”
    Discussant: Laurence Weiss
  David Swensen, “Using Economic Theory to Manage Yale’s Endowment”
    Discussant: Richard Attiyeh
4:00 SESSION 2: Public Economics — Moderator: James Friedman
  PANEL: Jeremy Bulow, F. Trenery Dolbear, Peter Mieszkowski, Frank Westhoff
9:30 SESSION 3: Financial Intermediaries and Individual Saving for Retirement — Chair: Donald Brown
  Andrew Caplin, “Retirement Consumption: Survey Evidence on Expectations and Outcomes
          Discussant: Alice Rivlin
  John Shoven, “Asset Location for Retirement Savers” (with James M. Poterba, Clemens Sialm)
          Discussant: Gary Smith
1:00 SESSION 4: International Economic Policy — Chair: T.N. Srinivasan
  Richard Cooper, “Growth and Inequality: The Role of Foreign Trade and Investment
    Discussant: Dale Henderson
  John Whalley, “An Internalization Based on World Environmental Organization
    Discussant: Gary Yohe
3:45 SESSION 5: Current Issues in Macroeconomic Policy — Moderator: William Nordhaus
  PANEL:  Edward Gramlich, George Perry, Jeffrey Shafer, Matthew Shapiro