Psychology and Economics

September 24-25, 2001

9:30 Daniel Kahneman (Princeton University), “Limitations of Prospect Theory”
11:00 George Loewenstein (Carnegie Mellon University), “The Multi-Dimensionality of Time Preferences”
1:30 Colin Camerer (California Institute of Technology), “Gray Matters: How Neuroscience Can Inform Economics”
3:00 Drazen Prelec (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), “Self-Signaling and Collective Choice”
4:15 Eva Gilboa-Schechtman (Bar Ilan University) and Itzhak Gilboa (Tel-Aviv University), “Mental Accounting and Absentmindedness”
9:30 Ted O’Donoghue (Cornell University), “Procrastination on Long-Term Projects”
11:00 Andrew Postlewaite (University of Pennsylvania) and O. Compte (CERAS), “Confidence Enhanced Performance”
1:30 Hanming Fang (Yale University) and Daniel Silverman (University of Pennsylvania), “Time-consistency and Welfare Program Participation: Evidence from the NLSY”
2:30 David Laibson (Harvard University) and X. Gabaix (Harvard University),”The 6D Bias and the Equity Premium Puzzle”
4:15 Open Discussion