Macro Jamboree

September 2000 – April 2001

This is the year of the Macro Jamboree. With the generous support of the Cowles Foundation, and of John Geanakoplos in particular, several prominent macroeconomists will visit the Department, for one or two weeks. The lectures are on topics chosen by the speakers, reflecting their current research activity and interests.

For students who have Macro-related interests, or are entertaining the idea of venturing into Macroeconomics for your second year courses or your dissertation, this is a VERY rare opportunity to speak with such top researchers and discuss their or your own ideas. Also, the lectures should convey a methodological message and “show, live, how research is done.”

September 11–15, 2000
  Steve Davis (University of Chicago Business School)
Two lectures, September 12 and 14
TOPIC: “Using Financial Assets to Hedge Uninsurable Income Risks”
WORKSHOP: Cowles Seminar, “On the Gains to International Trade in Risky Financial Assets” (with Jeremy Nalewaik & Paul Willen)
October 2–13, 2000
  Narayana Kocherlakota (University of Minnesota)
Two lectures, October 3 and 5
TOPIC: “Money is Memory”
WORKSHOP: Macroeconomics, “Societal Benefits of Nominal Bonds” (October 10)
October 16–20, 2000
  Chris Pissarides (London School of Economics)
Two lectures, October 17 and 19
TOPIC: “Search and Matching in Labor Markets”
WORKSHOP: Cowles Seminar, “Employment Protection” (October 20)
November 6–10, 2000
  Steven Durlauf (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Two lectures, November 7 and 9
TOPIC: “Local Interaction-Based Models and Econometrics”
WORKSHOP: Cowles Seminar, “Economic Growth and Reality” (with W. Brock) (November 10)
December 4–8, 2000
  Nobu Kiyotaki (London School of Economics, visiting MIT)
Two lectures, December 5 and 7
TOPIC: His research with John Moore on Credit Cycles and the interaction between credit and goods markets
WORKSHOP: None scheduled at this time
Feb. 27–March 2, 2001
  Per Krusell (University of Rochester)
One lecture, February 27
WORKSHOP: Macroeconomics (same day)
March 29–30, 2001
  Edward Prescott (University of Minnesota)
Cowles Seminar, “Taxes, Regulations, and Asset Prices” (March 30)
April 2–6, 2001
  V. V. Chari (University of Minnesota)
“Financial Crises as Herds” (with Patrick Kehoe)
Two lectures, to be confirmed, on April 3 and 5
WORKSHOP: Macroeconomics (April 3)
April 17–18, 2001
  Thomas Sargent (Stanford University), “Wanting Robustness in Macroeconomics (with L. P. Hansen) (April 17)
  In–Koo Cho (University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign), “Escape Dynamics” (with T. Sargent and N. Williams) (April 17)
  Lars Peter Hansen (University of Chicago), “Robustness and Pricing with Uncertain Growth (with M. Cagetti, T. Sargent and N. Williams) (April 18)