Macroeconomics and Climate Change

June 11-12, 2012

Organizers: Tony Smith and Per Krusell

8:00 Continental Breakfast
8:55 Opening Remarks
9:00 Juan-Carlos Ciscar (IPTS, Seville), “Agriculture, Climate Change and the Global Economy” (with Ana Iglesias, Miles Perry, and Denise van Regemorter)
10:00 Break
10:15 Radek Stefanski (Oxford), “Structural Transformation and Pollution
11:15 Jevgenijs Steinbuks (Purdue), “Confronting the Food-Energy-Environment Trilemma: Global Land Use in the Long Run” (with Thomas Hertel) [Technical Appendix]
12:15 Lunch
1:15 Borghan Narajabad (Rice), “A Model with Spillovers in the Adaptation of Renewable Technologies” (with Bernardino Adao, Ted Temzelides)
2:15 Break
2:30 David Hémous (Harvard), “Environmental Policy and Directed Technical Change in a Global Economy: Is There a Case for Carbon Tariffs?
3:30 Niko Jaakkola (Oxford), “Strategic Oil Supply and Gradual Development of Substitutes
4:30 Break
5:00 Derek Lemoine (University of Arizona), “Tipping Points and Ambiguity in the Economics of Climate Change” (with Christian Traeger)
7:00 Dinner, Union League Cafe, 1032 Chapel Street
8:00 Continental Breakfast
9:00 Lint Barrage (Yale), “Carbon Taxes in a Dynamic, Second-Best Fiscal Setting”
10:00 Break
10:15 Rob Williams (University of Maryland), “Carbon Taxes and Deficit Reduction” (with Jared Carbone, Richard Morgenstern)
11:15 Matti Liski (Aalto, Helsinki), “Carbon Prices for the Next Thousand Years” (with Reyer Gerlagh)
12:15 Lunch
1:30 Sebastian Rausch (MIT), “Cap-and-Trade Climate Policies with Price-Regulated Industries: How Costly Are Free Allowances?” (with Bruno Lanz)
2:30 Break
2:45 Tony Smith (Yale), “A Global Economy-Climate Model with High Regional Resolution” (with Per Krusell)
3:45 Break
4:00 Emanuele Massetti (Yale, FEEM, and CMCC, Italy), “Incentives and Stability of International Climate Coalitions: An Integrated Assessment” (with Valentina Bosetti, Carlo Carraro, Enrica De Cian, Massimo Tavoni)


Ackerman, Frank
Arkolakis, Costas
Barrage, Lint
Chan, Nathan
Ciscar, Juan-Carlos
Dong, Gang (Nathan)
Gillingham, Kenneth
Gollin, Doug
Hémous, David
Jaakkola, Niko
Kotchen, Matthew
Lanz, Bruno
Lemoine, Derek
Liski, Matti
Massetti, Emanuele
Meghir, Costas
Moscarini, Giuseppe
Nezami Narajabad, Borghan
Rausch, Sebastian
Sapci, Onur
Schmitt, Alex
Smith, Anthony
Stefanski, Radoslaw
Steinbuks, Jevgenijs
Temzelides, Ted
Traeger, Christian
Vicarelli, Marta
Williams, Roberton