Advances in Dynamic Public Finance

June 7-8, 2010

Organizers: Larry Jones and Aleh Tsyvinski

8:00 Continental Breakfast
9:00 Marek Kapicka (UC - Santa Barbara), “Consumption Risk Sharing under Private Information when Earnings Are Persistent”
   Discussant: Nicola Pavoni (University College London)
9:55 Maxim Troshkin (University of Minnesota), “Optimal Dynamic Taxes” (with M. Golosov and A. Tsyvinski)
   Discussant: Nancy Stokey (University of Chicago)
10:50 Break
11:05 Matthew Weinzierl (Harvard University), “Optimal Tax When Children’s Abilities Depend on Parents’ Resources” (with Alexander Gelber)
   Discussant: Robert Lucas (University of Chicago)
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Dirk Krueger (University of Pennsylvania), “Public Versus Private Risk Sharing” (with F. Perri)
   Discussant: Fatih Guvenen (University of Minnesota)
1:55 Emmanuel Farhi (Harvard University), “Insurance and Taxation over the Life-Cycle” (with I. Werning)
   Discussant: Roc Armenter (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia)
2:50 Break
3:05 Kenichi Fukushima (University of Minnesota), “Quantifying the Welfare Gains from Flexible Dynamic Income Tax Systems”
   Discussant: Mark Huggett (Georgetown University)
4:00 Florian Scheuer (MIT), “Competitive Markets without Commitment” (with N. Netzer)
   Discussant: Chris Phelan (University of Minnesota)
7:00 Dinner, Barcelona, 155 Temple Street
8:00 Continental Breakfast
9:00 Nicola Pavoni (University College London), “Optimal Welfare Programs with Search, Work, and Training” (with G. Violante and O. Setty)
   Discussant: Pricila Maziero (University of Pennsylvania)
9:55 Laurence Ales (Carnegie Mellon University), “Non-exclusive Dynamic Contracts, Competition, and the Limits of Insurance (with P. Maziero)
   Discussant: Mark Aguiar (University of Rochester)
10:50 Break
11:05 Thomas Mertens (New York University), “Fraud Deterrence in Dynamic Mirrleesian Economies” (with R. Armenter)
   Discussant: Marco Bassetto (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Marco Battaglini (Princeton University), “Dynamic Electoral Competition and Constitutional Design”
   Discussant: Konstantin Sonin (New Economic School)
1:55 Chris Sleet (Carnegie Mellon University), “Recursive Methods for Incentive Problems” (with S. Yeltekin)
   Discussant: Yuzhe Zhang (University of Iowa)
2:50 Break
3:05 Ivan Werning (MIT), ” Nonlinear Capital Taxation
   Discussant: V. V. Chari (University of Minnesota)
4:00 Ali Shourideh (University of Minnesota), “Risk Sharing, Inequality, and Fertility” (with R. Hosseini and L. Jones)
   Discussant: Greg Kaplan (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis & University of Pennsylvania)


Mark Aguiar (University of Rochester)
Laurence Ales (Carnegie Mellon University)
Roc Armenter (Philadelphia FED)
Marco Bassetto (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Marco Battaglini (Princeton University)
V. V. Chari (University of Minnesota)
Emmanuel Farhi (Harvard University)
Lorenzo Forni (IMP)
Kenichi Fukushima (University of Minnesota)
Fatih Guvenen (University of Minnesota)
Roozbeh Hosseini (Arizona State)
Mark Huggett (Georgetown University)
Marek Kapicka (UC-Santa Barbara)
Greg Kaplan (University of Pennsylvania)
Dirk Krueger (University of Pennsylvania)
Robert Lucas (University of Chicago)
Pricila Maziero (University of Pennsylvania)
Thomas Mertens (New York University)
Nicola Pavoni (University College London)
Christopher Phelan (University of Minnesota)
Florian Scheurer (MIT)
Ali Shourideh (University of Minnesota)
Chris Sleet (Carnegie Mellon University)
Jenny Simon (MIT)
Nancy Stokey (University of Chicago)
Maxim Troshkin (University of Minnesota)
Ivan Vidangos (FRB, Board of Governors)
Matthew Weinzierl (Harvard University)
Ivan Werning (MIT)
Pierre Yared (Columbia University)
Sevin Yeltekin (Carnegie Mellon University)
Yuzhe Zhang (University of Iowa)