Structural Empirical Microeconomic Models

June 4-5, 2014

Organizers: Costas Meghir and Joseph Altonji


8:00 Continental Breakfast
9:00 *Alessandra Voena (University of Chicago), Hamish Low (Cambridge University), Costas Meghir (Yale University), and Luigi Pistaferri (Stanford University), “Marriage, Social Insurance and Labor Supply”
10:00 Break
10:15 Gueorgui Kambourov, Aloysius Siow, and *Laura Turner (University of Toronto), “Relationship Skills in the Labor and Marriage Markets”
11:15 Break
11:30 Mary Ann Bronson (UCLA), “Degrees are Forever: Marriage, Educational Investment, and Lifecycle Labor Decisions of Men and Women
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Thomas Ahn (University of Kentucky), *Peter Arcidiacono, Amy Hopson, and James Thomas (Duke University), “Grade Inflation in Equilibrium with Implications for Female Interest in STEM Majors”
2:30 Suphanit Piyapromdee (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “The Impact of Immigration on Wages, Internal Migration and Welfare
3:30 Break
3:45 *Jaap Abbring and Yifan Yu (Tilburg University), “The Empirical Content of Synchronization Games”
4:45 *Thierry Magnac, Nicolas Pistolesi (University of Toulouse), and Sébastien Roux (CREST INSEE), “Post Schooling Human Capital Investments and the Life Cycle Variance of Earnings
7:00 Dinner, Union League
8:00 Continental Breakfast
9:00 Christopher Flinn (NYU/CCA), *Ahu Gemici (Royal Holloway/University of London) and Steven Laufer (Board of Governers/FRB), “Search, Matching, and Training”
10:00 Break
10:15 Marcus Hagedorn (University of Oslo), Fatih Karahan (Federal Reserve Bank of NY), *Iourii Manovskii, and Kurt Mitman (University of Pennsylvania), “Unemployment Benefits and Unemployment in the Great Recession: The Role of Macro Effects
11:15 Break
11:30 *Rong Hai, Rong, and James Heckman (University of Chicago), “A Dynamic Model of Health, Education and Wealth with Credit Constraints and Rational Addiction”
12:30 Lunch
1:30 *Pedro Carneiro, Italo Lopez Garcia (University College London), Kjell G. Salvanes (Norwegian School of Economics), and Emma Tominey (University of York), “Intergenerational Mobility and the Timing of Parental Income”
2:30 Daniella Del Boca (University of Turin), Christopher Flinn (NYU), and *Matthew Wiswall (Arizona State University), “Transfers to Households with Children and Child Development”
3:30 Break
3:45 *Nikhil Agarwal (MIT & Yale University), Atila Abdulkadiroglu (Duke University), and Parag A. Pathak (MIT/NBER), The Welfare Effects of Congestion in Uncoordinated Assignment: Evidence from NYC HS Match”
4:45 Joseph Altonji (Yale University) and *Richard Mansfield (Cornell University), “Estimating School and Neighborhood Effects Using Sorting on Observables to Control for Sorting on Unobservables


Brant Abbott (Yale University)
Jaap Abbring (Tilburg School of Econ. & Mgt.)
Nikhil Agarwal (Yale University)
Joseph Altonji (Yale University)
Peter Arcidiacono (Duke University)
Steven Berry (Yale University)
Mary Ann Bronson (UC-Los Angeles)
Pedro Carneiro (University College London)
Eleanor Dillon (Arizona State University)
Philipp Eisenhauer (University of Chicago)
Chao Fu (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Ahu Gemici (Royal Holloway/Univ. London)
Limor Golan (Washington University-St. Louis)
Rong Hai (University of Chicago)
Philip Haile (Yale University)
Mitsuru Igami (Yale University)
Juanna Joensen (Stockholm School of Economics)
Adam Kapor (Yale University)
John Kennan (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Ahmed Khwaja (Yale University)
Alvin Klevorick (Yale University)
Thibaut Lamadon (University College London)
 James Levinsohn (Yale University)
Italo Lopez Garcia (University College London)
Thierry Magnac (University of Toulouse)
Iourii Manovskii (University of Pennsylvania)
Richard Mansfield (Cornell University)
Costas Meghir (Yale University)
Robert Miller (Carnegie Mellon University)
Joseph Mullins (NYU)
Christopher Neilson (Yale University)
Emily Nix (Yale University)
Corina Mommaerts (Yale University)
Florian Oswald (Yale University)
Suphanit Piyapromdee (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Ana Reynoso (Yale University)
Anne-Katrin Roesler (Yale University)
Camilla Roncoroni (Yale University)
Bernard Salanie (Columbia University
Marcel Sant’Anna (Yale University)
Jakob Schneebacher (Yale University)
Steven Stern (University of Virginia)
Laura Turner (University of Toronto)
Alessandra Voena (University of Chicago)
Yujung Whang (Yale University)
Matthew Wiswall (NYU)