Economic Theory - "Information Choice: Perception and Design"

June 6 – 7, 2016

Watson Center, 60 Sachem Street, Room A51 [Map]

Organizers: Dirk Bergemann, Stephen Morris and Alessandro Pavan

*Presenter, when more than one author listed

8:15 Breakfast
9:00 Laurent Mathevet (New York University), “Information Design: The Belief Hierarchy Approach
    Discussant: Anne-Katrin Roesler (Northwestern University)
10:00 Drew Fudenberg (Harvard University), *Philipp Strack (University of California-Berkeley), and Tomasz Strzalecki (Harvard University), “Stochastic Choice and Optimal Sequential Sampling
    Discussant: Gonzalo Cisternas (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
11:00 Coffee Break
11:15 Yeon-Koo Che (Columbia University) and *Konrad Mierendorff (University College London), “Optimal Sequential Decision with Limited Attention”
    Discussant: Mira Frick (Yale University)
12:15 Lunch
1:30 Antonio Rangel (California Institute of Technology), “The Role of Attention on Simple Choice”
    Discussant: Daeyeol Lee (Yale University)
2:30 Benjamin Hébert (Stanford University) and *Michael Woodford (Columbia University), “Rational Inattention with Sequential Information Sampling
    Discussant: Doron Ravid (University of Chicago)
3:30 Coffee Break
3:45 Jan Drugowitsch (Harvard University), “Ice Cream or Chocolate Cake”
    Discussant: Mark Dean (Columbia University) [slides]
6:00 Dinner, Zinc Restaurant, 964 Chapel Street [Map]
8:15 Breakfast
9:00 *Colin Stewart (University of Toronto), Jakub Steiner and Filip Matejka (Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education-Economics Institute), “Rational Inattention Dynamics: Inertia and Delay in Decision-Making
    Discussant: Benjamin Hébert (Stanford University)
10:00 Tommaso Denti (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), “Unrestricted Information Acquisition” [slides]
    Discussant: Tibor Heumann (Yale University)
11:00 Coffee Break
11:15 Stephen Morris (Princeton University) and *Ming Yang (Duke University), “Coordination and the Relative Cost of Distinguishing Nearby States
    Discussant: Muhamet Yildiz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
12:15 Lunch
1:30 Balazs Szentes (London School of Economics), “Buyer-optimal Demand and Monopoly Pricing” [alternate paper]
    Discussant: Mallesh Pai (University of Pennsylvania)
2:30 *Ricardo Alonso (London School of Economics and The Center for Economic and Policy Research) and Odilon Câmara (University of Southern California), “Political Disagreement and Information in Elections
    Discussant: Benjamin Golub (Harvard University)
3:30 Coffee Break

Bernard Herskovic (University of California-Los Angeles) and *João Ramos (USC Marshall), “Acquiring Information Through Peers

   Discussant: Ali Jadbabaie (University of Pennsylvania)


Sumeyra Akin (Yale University)
Ricardo Alonso (London School of Economics)
Yaniv Ben Ami (Yale University)
Charles Angelucci (Columbia University)
Eduardo Azevedo (University of Pennsylvania)
Dirk Bergemann (Yale University)
Nina Bobkova (University of Bonn/Yale)
J. Aislinn Bohren (University of Pennsylvania)
Alessandro Bonatti (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Anna Bykhovskaya (Yale University)
Doruk Ceteman (University of Rochester)
Evangelia Chalioti (Yale University)
Dongkyu Chang (City University of Hong Kong)
Yeon-Koo Che (Columbia University)
Gonzalo Cisternas (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Mark Dean (Columbia University)
Geoffroy de Clippel (Brown University)
Henrique de Oliveira (Pennsylvania State University)
Tommaso Denti (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Florian Ederer (Yale University)
David Dillenberger (University of Pennsylvania)
Jan Drugowitsch (Harvard Medical School)
Daniel Fershtman (Northwestern University)
Alex Frankel (University of Chicago)
Mira Frick (Yale University)
George Georgiadis (Northwestern University)
Ben Golub (Harvard University)
Daniel Gottlieb (Washington University-St. Louis)
Yingni Guo (Northwestern University)
Benjamin Hébert (Stanford University)
Tibor Heumann (Yale University)
Ryota Iijima (Harvard University)
Nicholas Inostroza (Northwestern University)
Maxim Ivanov (McMaster University)
Ali Jadbabaie (University of Pennsylvania)
Ravi Jagadeesan (Harvard University)
Daria Khromenkova (University of Mannheim)
Scott Duke Kominers (Harvard University)    
Louise Laage (Yale University)
Nicolas Lambert (Stanford University)
Daeyeol Lee (Yale University)
Jacob Leshno (Columbia University)
Annie Liang (Harvard University)
Yukun Liu (Yale University)
Niccolo Lomys (University of Mannheim)
Shih En Lu (Simon Fraser University)
George Mailath (University of Pennsylvania)
Chiara Margaria (Yale University)
Laurent Mathevet  (New York University)
Steven Matthews (University of Pennsylvania)
Konrad Mierendorff  (University College London)
Jonas Mishara-Blomberger  (Northwestern University)
Yasuyuki Miyahara (Kobe University)
Sofia Moroni  (University of Pittsburgh)
Stephen Morris  (Princeton University)
Xiaosheng Mu (Harvard University)    
Pauli Murto (Aalto University)
Tima Mylovanov (University of Pttsburgh)
Juan Ortner (Boston University)
Mallesh Pai (University of Pennsylvania)
Alessandro Pavan  (Northwestern University)
Luciano Pomatto (Yale University)
Andrew Postlewaite (University of Pennsylvania)
João Ramos  (USC Marshall)
Antonio Rangel  (California Institute of Technology)
Doron Ravid (University of Chicago)
Ludovic Renou (University of Essex)
Ana Reynoso (Yale University)
Anne-Katrin Roesler (Northwestern University)
Kareen Rozen (Brown University)
Alex Smolin (Yale University)
Colin Stewart (University of Toronto)
Philipp Strack (University of California-Berkeley)
Tomasz Strzalecki (Harvard University)    
Takuo Sugaya (Stanford University)
Bela Szabadi  (Northwestern University)
Balazs Szentes  (London School of Economics)  
Joanne Tan (Sciences-Po)
Yen Tran (Yale University)
Allen lo Kuan Vong (Yale University)
Ryan Webb  (University of Toronto)
Yujung Whang (Yale University)
Michael Woodford  (Columbia University)
Yuichi Yamamoto (University of Pennsylvania)
Ming Yang  (Duke University)
Muhamet Yildiz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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