2017 Conference on Econometrics

June 6-7, 2017

Location: Yale School of Management 
Evans Hall, 165 Whitney Ave., Room 2200 [Map]

Organizers: Xiaohong Chen, Rosa Matzkin (UCLA), and Elie Tamer (Harvard)


Tuesday, June 6
8:15am to 9:00am Registration and Breakfast
9:00am to 9:45am Nicholas Christakis (Yale University), "Social Network Interventions"
9:45am to 10:30am Sanjeev Goyal (University of Cambridge), "Collaboration Networks"
10:30am to 10:50am Coffee Break
10:50am to 11:40am Bryan Graham (University of California, Berkeley), "Homophily and Transitivity in Dynamic Network Formation"
11:40am to 12:20pm *Shuyang Sheng (University of California, Los Angeles), Geert Ridder (University of Southern California), "Estimation of Large Network Formation Games"
12:20pm to 1:20pm Lunch
1:20pm to 2:05pm *Eric Kolaczyk (Boston University), Apratim Ganguly (Boston University), Xinyu Kang (Boston University), "Dynamic Causal Networks with Multi-Scale Temporal Structure"
2:05pm to 2:50pm Edoardo Airoldi (Harvard University), "Model-assisted Strategies for Designing Experiments on Networks"
2:50pm to 3:10pm Coffee Break
3:10pm to 3:55pm *David Hunter (Pennsylvania State University), Rashmi P. Bomirya (Pennsylvania State University), Shweta Bansal (Georgetown University), "Modeling Homophily in Bipartite Networks"
3:55pm to 4:40pm Daniel Spielman (Yale University), "Spectral Sparsification of Graphs"
6:00pm to 9:00pm Dinner - Olea, 39 High Street, New Haven [Map]
Wednesday, June 7
8:15am to 9:00am Breakfast
9:00am to 9:45am Patrick Wolfe CANCELLED (University College London), "Multiscale Network Analysis"
9:45am to 10:30am Sofia Olhede CANCELLED (University College London), "Network Form and Function"
10:30am to 10:50am Coffee Break
10:50am to 11:40am *Martin Weidner (University College London), Victor Chernozhukov (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Ivan Fernandez-Val (Boston University), "Network and Panel Quantile Effects via Distribution Regression"
11:40am to 12:20pm *Kyungchul (Kevin) Song (University of British Columbia), Ji Hyung Lee (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), "Stable Limit Theorems for Empirical Processes under Conditional Neighborhood Dependence"
12:20pm to 1:20pm Lunch
1:20pm to 2:05pm Harry Zhou (Yale University), "A Review of Some Optimality Results in Network Analysis and Beyond" [Abstract]
2:05pm to 2:50pm Yazhen Wang (University of Wisconsin - Madison), "Statistical Analysis of Quantum Annealing"
2:50pm to 3:10pm Coffee Break
3:10pm to 3:55pm *Jean-Pierre Florens (Université de Toulouse), Andrii Babii (Université de Toulouse), "Convolutions Models in Networks"
3:55pm to 4:40pm *Aureo de Paula (University College London), Imran Rasul (University College London), Pedro Souza (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro), "Identifying and Estimating Social Connectons from Outcome Data"


Cyril Alapatt (Southern Connecticut State University)
Koohyun Kwon (Yale University)
Donald Andrews (Yale University)
Louise Laage (Yale University)
Manuel Arellano (Center for Monetary and Financial Studies)
Jaewon Lee (Yale University)
Timothy Armstrong (Yale University)
Young Jun Lee (University College London)
Eric Auerbach (University of California, Berkeley)
Ming Li (Yale University)
Andrii Babii (Université des Sciences Sociales-Toulouse I)
Elena Manresa (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Steven Berry (Yale University)
Rosa Matzkin (University of California, Los Angeles)
Anna Bykhovskaya (Yale University)
Konrad Menzel (New York University)
Xiaohong Chen (Yale University)
Ismael Mourifie (University of Toronto)
Xu Cheng (University of Pennsylvania)
Yusuke Narita (Yale University)
Nicholas Christakis (Yale University)
Whitney Newey (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Giovanni Compiani (Yale University)
Yoko Okuyama (Yale University)
Gregory Cox (Yale University)
Joris Pinkse (Pennsylvania State University)
Aureo de Paula (University College London)
Demian Pouzo (University of California, Berkeley)
Laura Doval (Yale University)
James Powell (University of California, Berkeley)
Noureddine El Karoui (University of California, Berkeley)
Yujie Qian (Yale University)
Ivan Fernandez-Val (Boston University)
Jeff Qiu (Yale University)
Jean-Pierre Florens (Université de Toulouse)
Seth Richards-Shubik (Lehigh University)
Laura Forastiere (Harvard)
Gerardo Ruiz-Sanchez (Yale University)
Jeremy Fox (Rice University)
Masayuki Sawada (Yale University)
Alfred Galichon (New York University)
Shuyang Sheng (University of California, Los Angeles)
Wayne Gao (Yale University)
Xiaoxia Shi (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Eric Gautier (Université de Toulouse)
Spyros Skouras (Athens University of Economics and Business)
John Geanakoplos (Yale University)
Suk Joon Son (Yale University)
David Gelvez (Yale University)
Kevin Song (University of British Columbia)
Sanjeev Goyal (University of Cambridge)
Daniel Spielman (Yale University)
Bryan Graham (University of California, Berkeley)
Elie Tamer (Harvard University)
Phil Haile (Yale University)
Xun Tang (Rice University)
Sukjin Han (University of Texas at Austin)
Van Vu (Yale University)
Yinghua He (Rice University)
Edward Vytlacil (Yale University)
Jian Xin Heng (Yale University)
Yuzhou Wang (Yale University)
David Hunter (Pennsylvania State University)
Xinyang Wang (Yale University)
Ryota Iijima (Yale University)
Yazhen Wang (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Shakeeb Khan (Duke University)
Martin Weidner (University College London)
Donghyuk Kim (Yale University)
Yoon-Jae Whang (Seoul National University)
Yuichi Kitamura (Yale University)
Patrick Wolfe (University of London)
Brendan Kline (University of Texas at Austin)
Kohei Yata (Yale University)
Eric Kolaczyk (Boston University)
Alexei Zelenev (Yale University)
Guido Kuersteiner (University of Maryland at College Park)
Ge Zhang (Yale University)
Soonwoo Kwon (Yale University)
Harrison Zhou (Yale University)

Conference Frequently Asked Questions

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The conference will be held at the Yale School of Management (SOM), Evans Hall located at 165 Whitney Ave and is about a 15 minute walk from the Omni Hotel. The easiest route to SOM from the Omni Hotel is to go north on Temple St. which merges into Whitney Avenue. SOM will be on the right side of the street across from the Peabody Museum (see map below).

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The conference sessions are held on the second floor in Evans Hall at the Yale School of Management. Restrooms can be found on the perimeter of the building along the sides and back of the building.

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