Conference on Econometrics

June 2-3, 2014

Organizer: Timothy Armstrong


8:00 Continental Breakfast
9:00 *Max Farrell, Matias Cattaneo, and Sebastian Calonico (University Michigan), “On the Effect of Bias Estimation on Coverage Accuracy in Nonparametric Estimation”
9:45 *Andriy Norets (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and Debdeep Pati (Florida State University), “Adaptive Bayesian Estimation of Conditional Densities” [Abstract]
10:30 Break
11:00 Karim Chalak (Boston College), “Identification of Average Effects under Magnitude and Sign Restrictions on Confounding
11:45 *Jonathan Hill (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) and Saraswata Chaudhuri (University of North Carolina), “Heavy Tall Robust Estimation and Inference for Average Treatment Effects
12:30 Lunch
2:00 *Ismael Mourifie (University of Toronto) and Yuanyuan Wan (University of Toronto), “Testing LATE Assumption
2:45 Kirill Evdokimov (Princeton University), “Efficient Estimation with Finite Number of Simulations per Observation”
3:30 Break
4:00 Christoph Rothe (Columbia University), “Semiparametric Two-Step Estimation with Doubly Robust Moment Conditions
4:45 Isaiah Andrews (MIT), “Conditional Linear Combination Tests for Weakly Identified Models
7:00 Dinner, Barcelona Restaurant
8:00 Continental Breakfast
9:00 *Matthew Masten (Duke University) and Alex Torgovitsky (Northwestern University), “Instrumental Variables Estimation of a Generalized Correlated Random Coefficients Model
9:45 *Fabian Dunker, Stefan Hoderlein (Boston College), Hiroaki Kaido (Boston University), “Nonparametric Identification of Endogeneous and Heterogeneous Aggregate Demand Models: Complements, Bundles and the Market Level
10:30 Break
11:00 Joachim Freyberger (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Testing Completeness and Weak Instruments in Nonparametric Instrumental Variable Models”
11:45 *Timothy Christensen and Xiaohong Chen (Yale University), “Nonparametric Instrumental Variables Regression: Optimal Uniform Convergence Rates and Adaptive Estimation”
12:30 Lunch
2:00 Brendan Kline (University of Texas-Austin), “An Empirical Model of Non-Equilibrium Behavior in Games”
2:45 Maria Ponomareva (Northern Illinois University), “Identification in Some Random Coefficients Panel Data Models (with Application to Quantile Regression)
3:30 Break
4:00 *Haiqing Xu (University of Texas-Austin) and Quang Vuong (NYU), “Identification of Nonseparable Models with a Binary Endogenous Regressor


 Alberto Abadie (Harvard University)
Donald Andrews (Yale University)
Isaiah Andrews (MIT)
Andres Aradillas-Lopez (Pennsylvania State)
Timothy Armstrong (Yale University)
Christoph Breunig (Yale University)
Ivan Canay (Northwestern University)
Matias Cattaneo (University of Michigan)
Karim Chalak (Boston University)
Xiaohong Chen (Yale University)
Xu Cheng (University of Pennsylvania)
David Childers (Yale University)
Timothy Christensen (Yale University)
Fabian Dunker (Boston College)
Kirill Evdokimov (Princeton University)
Max Farrell (University of Michigan)
Joachim Freyberger (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Sukjin Han (University of Texas at Austin)
Jonathan Hill (University of North Carolina)
Sung Jae Jun (Penn State)
Hiroaki Kaido (Boston University)
Shakeeb Khan (Duke University)
Toru Kitagawa (UCL)
Brendan Kline (University of Texas-Austin)
Michal Kolesár (Princeton University)
Tatiana Komarova (LSE)
Matthew Masten (Duke University)
Adam McCloskey (Brown University)
Jose Montiel (New York University)
Ismael Mourifié (University of Toronto)
Ulrich Müller (Princeton University)
Denis Nekipelov (UC Berkeley)
Andriy Norets (University of Illinois at Urbana)
Joris Pinske (Penn State)
Maria Ponomareva (Northern Illinois University)
Yin Jia (Jeff) Qiu, (Yale University)
Adam Rosen (UCL)
Christoph Rothe (Columbia University)
Azeem Shaikh (University of Chicago)
Xiaoxia Shi (Univ. Wisconsin-Madison)
Zhentao Shi (Yale University)
Kevin Song (University of British Columbia)
Yuanyuan Wan (Pennsylvania State)
Haiqing Xu (University of Texas-Austin)