Endogenous Regressors in Nonseparable Models

June 7-8, 2010

Organizers: Azeem Shaikh and Edward Vytlacil

9:00 Continental Breakfast
9:30 Andrew Chesher (University College London), “Sharp Identified Sets for Discrete Variable IV Models” (with K. Smolinski)
10:00 Richard Chiburis (University of Texas at Austin), “Bounds on Treatment Effects Using Many Types of Monotonicity”
10:30 Break
11:00 Toru Kitagawa (University College London), “Identification Region of the Potential Outcome Distributions Under Instrument Independence”
11:30 Victor Chernozhukov (MIT), “Inference on Counterfactual Distributions in Nonseparable Models” (with I. Fernandez-Val and B. Melly)
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Nese Yildiz (University of Rochester), “Identification of Average Treatment Effect in a Triangular Model”, (with S.J. Jun, J. Pinkse, and H. Xu)
1:30 Sung Jae Jun (Penn State), “Tighter Bounds in Triangular Systems” (with J. Pinske and H. Xu)
2:00 Tiemen Woutersen (John Hopkins University), “Instrumental Variable Estimation with Discrete Endogenous Regressors”
2:30 Break
3:00 Liangjun Su (Singapore Management University), “Testing for Monotonicity in Unobservables with Panel Data” (with S. Hoderlein and H. White)
3:30 Geert Ridder (USC), “Some Specification Tests for Nonseperable Nonparametric Models” (with D. Ackerberg and J. Hahn)
4:00 Break
4:30 Shakeeb Khan (Duke University), “Information Bounds and Impossibility Theorems for Simultaneous Discrete Response Models” (with D. Nekipelov)
5:00 Whitney Newey (MIT), “Identification in Semiparametric and Nonparametric Conditional Moment Models” (with X. Chen, V. Chernozhukov, S. Lee)
6:30 Dinner, Ibiza, 39 High Street
9:00 Continental Breakfast
9:30 Bryan Graham (New York University), “Identification and Estimation of a Random Coefficient Panel Data Model with Triangular Endogeneity” (with J. Powell)
10:00 Kirill Evdokimov (Yale University), “Nonparametric Identification of a Nonlinear Panel Model with Application to Duration Analysis with Multiple Spells”
10:30 Break
11:00 Kyoo il Kim (University of Minnesota), “Control Functions for a Class of Non-Separable Models without Independence and Monotonicity Conditions” (with A. Petrin)
11:30 Amit Gandhi (University of Wisconsin, Madison),  “The Interaction of Observed and Unobserved Factors in Discrete Choice Demand Models” (with K. Kim and A. Petrin)
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Arthur Lewbel (Boston College), “Nonparametric Euler Equation Identification and Estimation” (with O. Linton)
2:00 Rosa Matzkin (UCLA), “Nonparametric Estimation in LDV Models with Simultaneity”
2:30 Break
3:00 Stephane Bonhomme (CEMFI), “Quantile Selection Models” (with M. Arellano)
3:30 Alexander Torgovitsky (Yale University), “Identification and Estimation of Nonparametric Quantile Regressions with Endogeneity”
4:00 Break
4:30 Stefan Hoderlein (Brown University), “Continuous Treatment Effects” (with Y. Sasaki)
5:00 Hidehiko Ichimura (University of Tokyo), “Program Evaluation with Continuous Treatment Under Monotonicity Restriction” (with Y. Arai)


C. Alan Bester (University of Chicago)
Stephane Bonhomme (CEMFI)
Sylvain Chabe-Ferret (CEMAGREF)
Victor Chernozhukov (MIT)
Andrew Chesher (University College London)
Richard Chiburis (University of Texas, Austin)
Aureo de Paula (University of Pennsylvania)
Kirill Evdokimov (Yale University)
Bryan Graham (New York University)
Sukjin Han (Yale University)
Jerry Hausman (MIT)
Stefan Hoderlein (Brown University)
Han Hong (Stanford University)
Luojia Hu (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Hidehiko Ichimura (University of Tokyo)
Sung-Jae Jun (Penn State)
Shakeeb Khan (Duke University)
Toru Kitagawa (University College London)
Kyoo il Kim (University of Minnesota)
Sokbae Lee (University College London)
Arthur Lewbel (Boston College)
Cecilia Mercado (Columbia University)
Charles Manski (Northwestern University)
Rosa Matzkin (UCLA)
Blaise Melly (Brown University)
Salvador Navarro (University of Wisconsin)
Whitney Newey (MIT)
Amil Petrin (University of Minnesota)
Joris Pinske (Penn State)
Demian Pouzo (UC- Berkeley)
James Powell (UC- Berkeley
Geert Ridder (USC)
Joerg Stoye (NYU)
Liangjun Su (Singapore Management University)
Elie Tamer (Northwestern University)
Alex Torgovitsky (Yale University)
Tiemen Woutersen (Johns Hopkins University)
Hiaqing Xu (Penn State)
Nese Yildiz (University of Rochester)