CFM 21

Donald D. Hester and James Tobin, eds., Financial Markets and Economic Activity, John Wiley & Sons, 1967 [7,032 kb] [Table of Contents]


Preliminary Pages [i-xi]
1 Commerical Banks as Creators of “Money,” by James Tobin [1]
2 A Model of Bank Portfolio Selection, by Richard C. Porter [12]
3 Financial Intermediaries and the Effectiveness of Monetary Controls, by James Tobin and William C. Brainard [55]
4 Financial Intermediaries and a Theory of Monetary Control, by William C. Brainard [94]
5 Monetary Policy, Debt Management, and Interest Rates: A Quantitative Appraisal, by Arthur M. Okun [142]
6 Determinants of Bond Yield Differentials: 1954 to 1959, by Peter E. Sloane [189]
Index [247]