CFM 20

Donald D. Hester and James Tobin, eds., Studies of Portfolio Behavior, John Wiley & Sons, 1967 [7,745 kb] [Table of Contents]


Preliminary Pages [i-xi]
1 Consumer Expenditures and the Capital Account, by Harold W. Watts and James Tobin [1]
2 Consumer Debt and Spending: Some Evidence from Analysis of a Survey, by James Tobin [40]
3 An Empirical Study of Cash, Securities, and Other Current Accounts of Large Corporations, by Alan W. Heston [66]
4 An Empirical Examination of a Commercial Bank Loan Offer Function, by Donald D. Hester [118]
5 An Empirical Model of Commerical Bank Portfolio Management, by James L. Pierce [171]
6 Life Insurance Investment: The Experience of Four Companies, Leroy S. Wehrle [191]
Index [249]