Discussion Papers


CFDP 2086

Olivier Deschenes, Michael Greenstone, Joseph S. Shapiro, "Defensive Investments and the Demand for Air Quality: Evidence from the NOx Budget Program," (April 2017) [79 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2085

Minkyung Kim, K. Sudhir, Kosuke Uetake, Rodrigo Canales, "Multidimensional Sales Incentives in CRM Settings: Customer Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard," (April 2017) [40 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2084

William D. Nordhaus, "Evolution of Modeling of the Economics of Global Warming: Changes in the DICE model, 1992-2017 ," (March 2017) [21 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2083

Peter C. B. Phillips, Thomas Leirvik, Trude Storelvmo, "Econometric Measurement of Earth's Transient Climate Sensitivity," (March 2017) [52 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2082

David F. Hendry, Peter C. B. Phillips, "John Denis Sargan at the London School of Economics," (March 2017) [20 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2081

Peter C. B. Phillips, "Tribute to T. W. Anderson," (March 2017) [6 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2080

Atila Abdulkadiroğlu, Joshua D. Angris, Yusuke Narita, Parag A. Pathak, "Research Design Meets Market Design: Using Centralized Assignment for Impact Evaluation," (March 2017) [77 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2079R

Brian Adams, Kevin R. Williams, "Zone Pricing in Retail Oligopoly," (February 2017, Revised April 2017) [44 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2079

Brian Adams, Kevin R. Williams, "Zone Pricing in Retail Oligopoly," (February 2017) [44 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2078

Dirk Bergemann, Francisco Castro, Gabriel Weintraub, "The Scope of Sequential Screening with Ex-Post Participation Constraints," (February 2017) [52 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2077

John Geanakoplos, Kieran James Walsh, "Inefficient Liquidity Provision," (February 2017) [26 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2076

Ana Fostel, John Geanakoplos, Gregory Phelan, "Global Collateral: How Financial Innovation Drives Capital Flows and Increases Financial Instability," (February 2017) [55 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2075R

Dirk Bergemann, Stephen Morris, "Information Design: A Unified Perspective," (February 2017, Revised March 2017) [58 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2075

Dirk Bergemann, Stephen Morris, "Information Design: A Unified Perspective," (February 2017) [58 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2074

David S. Ahn, Ryota Iijima, Yves Le Yaouanq, Todd Sarver, "Behavioral Characterizations of Naiveté for Time-Inconsistent Preferences," (February 2017) [59 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2073

Donald W. K. Andrews, Vadim Marmer, Zhengfei Yu, "A Note on Optimal Inference in the Linear IV Model," (February 2017) [28 pp, abstract] [Supplemental material, 70 pp]

CFDP 2072

Jianning Kong, Peter C. B. Phillips, Donggyu Sul, "Weak σ- Convergence: Theory and Applications," (January 2017) [66 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2071

John C. Chao, Peter C. B. Phillips, "Uniform Inference in Panel Autoregression," (January 2017) [41 pp, abstract] [Supplemental material, 282 pp]

CFDP 2070

David A. Keiser, Joseph S. Shapiro, "Consequences of the Clean Water Act and the Demand for Water Quality," (January 2017) [90 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2069

Robert J. Shiller, "Narrative Economics," (January 2017) [57 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2068

Zvika Neeman, Aniko Öry (Oery), Jungju Yu, "The Benefit of Collective Reputation," (January 2017) [62 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2067

Martin Shubik, "Three Essays on the Theory of Money and Financial Institutions Essay 3: The Economy with Innovation, Externalities and Context," (January 2017) [21 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2066

Dirk Bergemann, Stephen Morris, "Belief-Free Rationalizability and Informational Robustness," (December 2016) [31 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2065

Dirk Bergemann, Benjamin Brooks, Stephen Morris, "Informationally Robust Optimal Auction Design," (December 2016) [36 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2064

Dirk Bergemann, Benjamin Brooks, Stephen Morris, "Optimal Auction Design in a Common Value Model," (December 2016) [34 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2063

Peter C. B. Phillips, Liangjun Su, Wuyi Wang, "Homogeneity Pursuit in Panel Data Models: Theory and Applications," (December 2016) [57 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2062

Peter C. B. Phillips, Wayne Yuan Gao, "Structural Inference from Reduced Forms with Many Instruments," (December 2016) [45 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2061

Offer Lieberman, Peter C. B. Phillips, "IV and GMM Estimation and Testing of Multivariate Stochastic Unit Root Models," (December 2016) [45 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2060

Jin Seo Cho, Peter C. B. Phillips, "Sequentially Testing Polynomial Model Hypotheses Using Power Transforms of Regressors," (December 2016) [46 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2059

Shu-Ping Shi, Stan Hurn, Peter C. B. Phillips, "Causal Change Detection in Possibly Integrated Systems: Revisiting the Money-Income Relationship," (December 2016) [58 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2058

Stan Hurn, Peter C. B. Phillips, Shu-Ping Shi, "Change Detection and the Causal Impact of the Yield Curve," (December 2016) [67 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2057

William D. Nordhaus, "Projections and uncertainties about climate change in an era of minimal climate policies," (December 2016) [43 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2056

Yusuke Narita, “(Non)Randomization: A Theory of Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of School Quality,” (November 2016) [60 pp, abstract]

CFDP 2055

Martin Shubik, “Three Essays on the Theory of Money and Financial Institutions Essay 2: The Exchange Economy, Money, and Markets” (November 2016) [24pp, abstract]

CFDP 2054

Thomas W. Quan and Kevin R. Williams, “Product Variety, Across-Market Demand Heterogeneity, and the Value of Online Retail,” (November 2016) [69p, abstract]

CFDP 2053

Martin Shubik and Michael R. Powers, “Cooperative and Noncooperative Solutions, and the ‘Game within a Game’” (October 2016) [35pp, abstract]

CFDP 2052

Donald J. Brown, “Aggregation of Preferences and the Structure of Decisive Sets” (October 2016) [11 pp, abstract

CFDP 2051

Dominik Sachs, Aleh Tsyvinski, and Nicolas Werquin, “Nonlinear Tax Incidence and Optimal Taxation in General Equilibrium” (September 2016) [102pp, abstract]

CFDP 2050

John Geanakoplos and Kieran Walsh,“Uniqueness and Stability of Equilibrium in Economies with Two Goods,” (August 2016) [11p, abstract]

CFDP 2049

Dirk Bergemann, Alessandro Bonatti, and Alex Smolin, “The Design and Price of Information” (July 2016) [50p, abstract]

CFDP 2048

Yuichiro Kamada and Aniko Öry, “Contracting with Word-of-Mouth Management” (July 2016) [60p, abstract]

CFDP 2047

Aniko Öry, “Consumers on a Leash: Advertised Sales and Intertemporal Price Discrimination” (July 2016) [45p, abstract]

CFDP 2046

Miguel Antón, Florian Ederer, Mireia Giné, and Martin Schmalz, “Common Ownership, Competition, and Top Management Incentives“ (July 2016) [66p, abstract]

CFDP 2045

Amanda E. Kowalski, “Doing More When You’re Running LATE: Applying Marginal Treatment Effect Methods to Examine Treatment Effect Heterogeneity in Experiments” (June 2016) [70p, abstract]

CFDP 2044R

Timothy B. Armstrong and Michal Kolesár, “Simple and Honest Confidence Intervals in Nonparametric Regression” (June 2016, Revised October 2016) [42p, abstract[Supplemental appendix 17pp]

CFDP 2044

Timothy B. Armstrong and Michal Kolesár, “Simple and Honest Confidence Intervals in Nonparametric Regression” (June 2016) [44p, abstract]

CFDP 2043

Timothy B. Armstrong and Michal Kolesár, “Optimal Inference in a Class of Regression Models” (May 2016) [62p, abstract][Supplemental material 38p]

CFDP 2042

Joyee Deb and Yuhta Ishii, “Reputation Building Under Uncertain Monitoring” (May 2016) [37p, abstract]

CFDP 2041

Heski Bar-Isaac and Joyee Deb, “Reputation with Opportunities for Coasting” (May 2016) [26p, abstract]

CFDP 2040

Roland Strausz, “Mechanism Design with Partially Verifiable Information” (May 2016) [19p, abstract]