Postdoctoral Fellows Program


The Cowles Foundation regularly offers postdoctoral fellowships to promising young scholars in economics. Fellowships provide an opportunity for new Ph.D.’s to focus on developing a strong research program in a stimulating collegial environment prior to taking on the full responsibilities of a ladder or tenure track faculty position.

Postdoctoral Fellows spend typically one year in residence at the Cowles Foundation, conduct research, and participate in research seminars and conferences alongside the faculty of the Cowles Foundation and the Yale Economics Department. Consideration is highly-selective and limited to candidates of both exceptional scholarly promise and strong orientation toward rigorous mathematical approaches to economics. Successful candidates are typically of similar achievement and promise as a new Assistant Professor appointment in the Department of Economics. In general, the research interests of a postdoctoral fellow will fall into one of the five major research programs of Cowles: Economic Theory, Econometrics, International Trade, Macroeconomics, Structural Microeconomics, or in Political Economy.

Cowles Fellowships are prestigious appointments intended for outstanding young scholars with strong research programs. Conditions are competitive with tenure track assistant professorships, and are designed to be flexible and suit individual needs and arrangements. The positions are predominantly research appointments with the possibility of some area-specific teaching.

Postdoctoral Fellows

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Doval, Maria Laura
Ph.D., Northwestern University
Frick, Mira
Ph.D., Harvard University
Iijima, Ryota
Ph.D., Harvard University
Lecce, Giampaolo
Ph.D., Università Bocconi
Lopez Moctezuma, Gabriel
Ph.D., Princeton University
Narita, Yusuke
Ph.D., MIT
Restrepo, Pascual
Ph.D., MIT
Traiberman, Sharon
Ph.D., Princeton University

Past Postdoctoral Fellows


Adams, Abi, Ph.D., University of Oxford
Pomatto, Luciano, Ph.D., Northwestern University-Kellogg
Vida, Péter, Ph.D., Universität Mannheim
Nikhil Agarwal
Daniel Barron
Christoph Breunig
Michal Kolesar
Leena Kalliovirta
Yuichiro Kamada
Michael Peters
Rami Tabri
Michael Dickstein
Kei Kawai
Maxim Troshkin

Oleksandr (Alex) Shcherbakov


Fuhito Kojima


Qingmin Liu

Jernej Copic
Jakub Kastl
Azeem Shaikh

Andres Carvajal

Atilla Ambrus
Leeat Yariv

Estelle Cantillon


Jonathan Levin