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Estimating the innovator’s dilemma: Q&A with Mitsuru Igami

Yale economist Mitsuru Igami: Established firms can fail to innovate even when their managers behave perfectly rationally.
Cowles 2017 Summer Conference Series Recap

The Cowles Foundation wrapped up its 2017 summer conference series which featured five areas of economic research.
Geanakoplos Revels in Growing Popularity of General Equilibrium Conference

The 13th annual Conference on General Equilibrium and its Applications sponsored by the Cowles Foundation, was held on April 28-29, 2017. The two-day event hosted upward of 70 speakers and participants from the U.S. and abroad specializing in the study of general equilibrium (GE) economics.
Faculty Focus
Costas Arkolakis Receives Bodossaki Award

Costas Arkolakis, Henry Kohn Associate Professor of Economics, received the 2017 Bodossaki Foundation Distinguished Young Scientists Award for social-economic sciences.
From the Archives
Cowles 50th Anniversary Celebration

For this issue, we dig back in our archives to showcase the Cowles 50th Anniversary Celebration held on Friday and Saturday, June 3-4, 1983.
Koopmans, Shubik, Scarf, Brainard, and Tobin